About Us
Pinnaroo Hill Brands is an award-winning producer of fine olive oils and other agricultural products based near Adelaide in South Australia.

To produce these exceptional products, region and heritage play a significant role.



Region & Heritage
Our superb extra virgin oils come exclusively from olives grown in the warm Mediterranean climate and rich soils of South Australia’s Limestone Coast. In fact, olive trees were first planted here in the 1880’s, and many of the original trees remain today. For four generations our family has nurtured the land and cultivated the finest crops. All part of our quest to grow the richest, most flavorful olives found anywhere.

Our premium varietals include Manzanillo & Picual (Spanish), Barnea (Israeli), and Frantoio & Leccino (Tuscan). How we blend these varieties makes Pinnaroo Hill the distinctive, flavorful olive oil that it is. Notably, our olive groves are company owned and our trees now number about 25,000. Our multi-step Lock FRESH quality system protects the purity & freshness of all Pinnaroo Hill oils… from harvest to shelf.

Certification and Sustainability
All Pinnaroo Hill extra virgin oils are 100% natural and certified Kosher & Halal. Our company is HACCP accredited, and is in the process of gaining ISO 22000 compliancy. We understand the land is the heart & soul of our products. Thus, we’re reducing our Carbon Footprint each year with a goal of reaching Carbon Neutral and Zero Waste status. To achieve water sustainability, we use a computer controlled micro irrigation system.

Where to Find
Our premier extra virgin olive oils are sold in a variety of countries including Australia, the United States, Asia (China, Singapore, Thailand), Dubai, and the South Pacific. You can find them in select supermarkets & specialty gourmet shops as well as fine restaurants & hotels.